Web app – Manage claims using a web-based back-office

























The KerMobile platform is powered on the one hand by claims, and on the other hand by the administrative data preloaded in the system.

It is a unique claim and disorders monitoring tool, managing all processes and flows.

Administrators are the facilitators of the system.

It becomes the claims repository and provides a comprehensive view of the situation, in real time.

The insurance department always keeps its freedom to file or not a claim to insurance companies, according to its own criteria, its history or the level of its excesses.

The disorders below excess are also integrated into the back office to identify the “Black figure”.

Remote users can access KERCLAIM through the internet. Everyone therefore benefits from centralized, up-to-date and persistent data.

The BackOffice facilitates claims management through a comfortable, ergonomic, and self-explanatory user interface.

Automatic reminders prevent loss of chance, missed appointments, missed deadlines ….


  • A single tool for the whole company
  • Providing a synthetic view on damages
  • Standardized and seamless reporting
  • Identify the “black figure” to identify costs savings (disorders under excess)
  • Faster claim processing
  • Real-time claim processing