Advanced reporting – Powerful analytics






















The application benefits from an innovative reporting module (including Pathology analytics, building ageing analytics, statuses, amounts …) which provides powerful analytical tools for management.

The quality of the information gathered during the declaration, supplemented by all the elements gathered during the disaster follow-up, allows an in-depth analysis focused on economics, loss pathology, maintenance of buildings … helping management to anticipate future issues.

This module can be supplemented by customized queries on requests.


  • The insured manages his claims with exhaustive data that he alone has access to
  • A tool for preparing for negotiations with insurers
  • The ease of access to reliable and pertinent information makes it possible to consider adjusting deductibles.
  • The reliability of the information and the speed of the processing makes it possible to consider adjusting your insurance deductibles
  • Helps potential predict failures, hence optimize maintenance budgets
  • Damages are no longer pure fatality